Monday, February 22, 2010

Wolf Comic Online White Are Webcomics For Nerds?

Are webcomics for nerds? - wolf comic online white

I remember my speed of Nate, Inc., Youtube day I NES1995 account (now I have an account called Spidgewood3000). Then I draw webcomics (if you do not know are there as "Nate Speed: The Webcomic", "Little Wolf and the bad girl" and "Muckle") and nonsense YouTube videos, but left him because of the controversy. Remember them?

Webcomics are comic books that are published online. I do not draw my own comics online on my computer, but he felt that each sheet of paper.

I had some problems with the webcomics medium statement in my old YouTube Channel. He is someone who hates me is not called own3dstudios my videost. It continues to be alternate accounts after they blocked and write funny comments. When you say "Webcomics for Nerds. Go **** yourself." That is not quite correct.

It webcomics for nerds?

PS No obscenities or insults. Moreover, there are answers that said: "Get a life" or other waste.

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