Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ethernet Cable Performance In Cold Weather Ethernet Cable Vs Usb Wireless Adapter?

Ethernet cable vs usb wireless adapter? - ethernet cable performance in cold weather

I try to download a demo of the game (Red Alert 3, and is a Freakin + 1 GB in size) ... My family PC directly connected to the router via an Ethernet cable, while my own computer is to the Internet via a wireless USB adapter connected .... USB adapter, the lower or decreased performance when you or upload any difference? .. I know because I decide that I want to download a PC file to ... thank you =]


Say "Ahhhh" said...

it should not, because both are faster than the Internet connection downloaded from the Internet. The advantage of cable is that sometimes the wireless connection drops, it will mess up download

Venkatx5 said...

I hope that you can download through the family rather than desktop PCs. Obviously, cable connection is faster than a wireless network. Try to download small files on both computers. Compare the download time. You know what to do next.

kevin gent said...

can better meet the bandwidth
USB devices are limited and are expected to be used for light work

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