Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is There A Way To Go Invisible On Facebook Is There A Way To Become Invisible On Facebook?

Is there a way to become invisible on facebook? - is there a way to go invisible on facebook

In the experiment, on Facebook, if I change my status and a few other things, but you do not see a particular person I am, it's a way to do this?


♥♥LiNdSa... said...

Yes, the place where we often chat window at the end there is one green and one point. click on it and show that you are online. There is a button to "offline". click on it. hop and we are lost.

tyren14 said...

Unfortunately you can not only choose to see some people that you are not online because they are supposed to be a friend. However, you can an application called "Online Now" allows you to see who is online when you are offline in Facebook chat.

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