Sunday, February 14, 2010

Different Kinds Of Currency Pictures Coin Sorters Different For American And Canadian Currencies, Or Are They The Same?

Coin sorters different for American and Canadian currencies, or are they the same? - different kinds of currency pictures

I am Canadian. I would like to purchase a sorter coins. As silly as it sounds, I'm not sure if there is a difference between the classifiers of the U.S. and Canadian currency, or if there is only one type of coin sorter, both for U.S. funds and Canada. Our currency is more or less the same, but should not two different types of sorting parts for our two currencies? Thank you!


Brother Otter said...

The man in the bank is certainly not the same - Parts Canada and France are slightly different in size and mass.
But the sort of cheap plastic that the currency has ordered in diameter will probably not notice the difference.

Mr. Knowitall said...

Pennies, Nickles, pennies and quarters are the same. I know because I am in the vending machines sorters coin that is certainly no problem working with them.

U.S. dollars have the money, but do not use them, and I'm not sure I treat classifiers U.S. currency, because they are so rare here. In the wildest, Canadians also have the two-dollar coin, I know that no American coin sorters handle.

So I would say that if you purchased a grader of coins for Canada to be responsible for the currencies of both countries have.

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