Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Congratulations Wording What Is The Theme Of This Poem?

What is the theme of this poem? - baby congratulations wording

Here is a poem that I need to make an issue with the statement that this poem is to write! I'm struggling a bit with my words, so please help me

From Ajmer Rode

being born in this
World received
and well cared for
Already a variety of labels have been
carved on
One for the race
a color
a religion and can
for the exchange of
At the same time,
He said:
They were born in a
Free World

The Smile of the Child and
Take it all in good faith

But if it is cultivated
for one child and the child
One day a man
Suddenly it dawned on him:
Nobody Knows Me
But the labels.

is an EnglISH test and would be grateful if anyone answer

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Austin C said...

They identify all tags. This means that I think about you, such as race, religion, financial status or social status as a geek or athlete. That's what society thinks of people, instead of "man".

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