Monday, February 1, 2010

How Much Does A New License Cost In Ohio How Much Does Typically New Vehicle License & Registration Cost?

How much does typically new vehicle license & registration cost? - how much does a new license cost in ohio

You just bought a new car here in Texas and wants to ensure that the number of dealer license fee and registration fee are correct. They make me pay $ 110 was for both, but I think the license fee about $ 60 and registration fees, only about $ 10. Is it true or ...?


silky1 said...

Yes, it is on the right side, you can pay anywhere from an average of 200.00 and to be within the guidelines.

Jennifer W said...

Note that you get too many tags ... Right ... I am sure that you are some kind of car body can be confirmed with the line.

In New Jersey, you just saved and a used car costs more than $ 100.

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