Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marwell Zoo Parkeergelegenheid Has An Animal Ever Escaped From A Zoo?

Has an animal ever escaped from a zoo? - marwell zoo parkeergelegenheid

Especially Marwell Zoo
haha! I am very curious to see what would happen

Thank you:)


birdgirl said...

Yes, I have heard of many leaks. In the Los Angeles Zoo, after the chimpanzee, escaped, and the users of the zoo was locked in the bathroom for hours, chimpanzees and she took in their boxes. They landed back with Popsicles! True story ... I have to work there and heard the firsthand account of the guards.

triplepe... said...

Last spring, Mac, and even dwarf escaped Jacksonville

Fish Man said...

If the zoo is a foot in the Avery then there is a good chance to escape, has birds

blakeada... said...

You k j / You rods

Bubbles said...

Animals flee all the time.
"Overall, at least 35 animals moved, stood up and walked out, their exhibits at the zoo in Los Angeles in the last five years."
"Visitors to Paignton Zoo fled to escape the security inside the building after an animal attraction at the zoo.
Many animals are able to benefit from their boxes, like cats, primates) (including monkeys, etc.

Save the wolves. said...


My friend is almost crushed by a kangaroo at a zoo in Kansas as a child.

SC said...

Of course I know nothing escapes from the zoo, but occur at regular intervals. Who knows, had tried the zoo for 8 on the first day for the owners of the whole day to collect all the animals flee. Normally, they do not talk too much about it, but that happens sometimes.

itsjustm... said...

When this happens all the time .. a bear escaped from the zoo, where I am .. calm that only the rule and return to the Zoo

cynthia c said...


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