Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where Can I Play Raquetball In Denver Can You Play Raquetball With Three People?

Can you play raquetball with three people? - where can i play raquetball in denver

Some of my friends and I wanted to play, but I wonder if there any way we can all play at once.


Mr Han said...

Yes, it is called Round-Robin, her throat or triangles. Once you turn, the player "A" is for the player "B" and "C". Player "B" and "C" to act as a team and try to get the players "A" below. If player "A" of the rally, he or she receives a point if you lose the player "B", then have the opportunity to serve as both "player wins the" C "and" together a working group to the player "B" so far. This pattern continues until one player points 11,15,21,25, or notes that you can play on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a murderer. The way to play is when the first person is that the ball must hit the second and the third strike and repeat. =))))))

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