Monday, February 8, 2010

Code For Free Digital Copy Of Twilight How To I Download My Free Digital Blue-ray Copy Of Twilight?ASAP?

How to I download my free digital blue-ray copy of twilight?ASAP? - code for free digital copy of twilight

I bought the twilight movie. And I want to download my free blue ray on my computer from iTunes. They gave me a code. But I can not find that states that the link to go to the website for download. He said to go to then go to Quick Links redemption, then enter the code. But I can not find, buy fast connections, or from the iTunes iStore help page? Thanks

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ツ ŔคíNเиg Č๏ภ√єRѕε ღ☮ said...

When you open iTunes, click on "iTunes Store

Then on the homepage of the iTunes store, look to the right, there is a column with the main heading "Quick Links"
Link directly, you should "swap"
Just type in your code and begin Dowloading

I know it took a long time to see me! iTunes should be easier to find!

Good luck, I hope to help you!

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