Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Troy Built Leaf Blower I Put Raw Gas In My Troy Built Leaf Blower And It Froze The Engine. Is It Worth Repairing?

I put raw gas in my troy built leaf blower and it froze the engine. is it worth repairing? - troy built leaf blower

new - was a gift for Christmas.


idontlik... said...

I think Teddy is now calling for the following year and a further 1 Read the instructions on the fuel mixture

mathwiza... said...

I think it's good to 25cc ($ 89) or 31cc ($ 119). My feeling is that no (if the engine was shot, the repair will probably cost at least as much as a nine), but you call a shop and ask.

Snaglefr... said...

Normally, the piston and the cylinder wall was, perhaps. You may be better to another question, there are buying and see what the cost to repair May.

wi_saint said...

not worth lifting them away.

The next time you the right mix of oil

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