Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snicker Bar Brownies Help I Binged On Like 7 Fun Sized Snicker Bars Tonight!?

Help I binged on like 7 fun sized snicker bars tonight!? - snicker bar brownies

I very well the whole day! I ate a good breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks, vegetables and plenty of protein throughout the day, limited carbohydrate and fat everywhere. However, my mother has this tray of sweets at home, and this causes excessive sweets, almost every night! I can not have a single part, cuz I'll only be one! I said to work several times in the trash or the candy, but not! I came with my weight loss, I do not want to give, sweet this morning! Did I ruin my day with a chuckle bars? GRRR I'm soooo mad! I'm against 180 to 157, and I want to go forward, but I do not get much support at home! My mother always makes cakes, donuts, cookies, brownies all the time Damn! ?!?!?! Help

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