Monday, January 18, 2010

Spot And Stain Remover Help? The SmileyCat Needs A Stain Remover For Her Patio!?

Help? The SmileyCat needs a stain remover for her patio!? - spot and stain remover

You spend hours making using a pressure washer, and my garden look beautiful courtyard ... resembles a single pour concrete ... but there are grease stains on the left side ... maybe? I do not know .... for years.
.... What is your preferred place of miracles Workin '/ space for outdoor places is?
Thank you very much!



princess said...

My husband is specified, and our magic formula for cleaning is simply green. What we buy at Sam's Club about 9 U.S. dollars per gallon. I hope it works!

Collin R said...

Oxyclean is good if you can find in a store.

Collin R said...

Oxyclean is good if you can find in a store.

goldwing said...

Use the largest commercial laundry detergent, you can buy ... if not the stuff you can buy a liter of hydrochloric acid at a hardware store, dilute water 1 OUT 3 acids. Pour over the courtyard and brushes begin immediately. This is a layer of cement ... Foam is like crazy, but it is so clean as mortar and cement. Good luck Stand up wind when diluting concentrated acid, and you never open the bottle in the house or near the metal! Also to neutralize the acid pools.

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