Friday, January 22, 2010

Dripless Taper Candles Where Can I Find A Good Source For Dripless Tapers, And More Importantly Dripless Scented Votives?

Where can I find a good source for dripless tapers, and more importantly dripless scented votives? - dripless taper candles

(online or in Northern Viginia, region of the United States)


callaudr... said...

Candles Hanna believing everything you need for candles.

bobthebu... said...

mlamlh right! PartyLite is your best option. The sails are not guaranteed to leak. In addition to the wax is colored and fragrant, and a cotton wick. Most of the white candles are visible in a head lock with a layer of colored wax on the outside.
My wife is a PartyLite consultant. She is very friendly and helpful. You can answer all your questions.

Casey Taylor
E-mail: / uwantcandles

baby girl is expecting #2 said...

PartyLite candles are the best there is. To I do not know whether you can buy on the website. Look for PartyLite on eBay. You are done normally sold by the representatives of the parties such as Tupperware too.

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