Friday, January 29, 2010

Chase Rewards Complaints I Got A Chase Freedom Rewards Card But I Want A Chase Bp Card Now, I Havent Activated It? What Can I Do?

I got a chase freedom rewards card but i want a chase bp card now, i havent activated it? what can i do? - chase rewards complaints

I need to call Chase and cancel? is still valid, because I want to activate?

not yet been activated because I leave her alone and cut? or should I call Chase to?


echo said...

Even if it is enabled, Chase believe that he is still an active account.

You can chase and ask them to convert the card into the reader freedom to BP.

farrell h said...

Chase Freedom (SM) Cash Visa (R) a map of the APR is 14.24 as a variable. However, a glance at the terms and conditions of this card, and you will find that there is much more than the APR, the figure. Let's look a little more.

April is the annual percentage rate. It is the rate that the credit card companies on unpaid balances. The first thing that is important to note that the APR is available for three different pricings. The Elite, Premium and Standard. The annual percentage rate varies with these three price categories. Chase Freedom (SM) Cash Visa (R) card has a 0% set in April for the first 6 billing periods for the elite and premium. After this intro 0% APR, the change in April to 14.24% is variable for Elite and 18.24% for the higher price variable. The essential point here is the APR on standard rates. For this category is 0% Intro APR period and the APR is variable 23.24% from the date of account opening.

The issuer credit card company is considered first prize to find the lowest prices.Based on a review of your credit history and other information that someone can map Chase Freedom (SM) Cash Visa (R) at the lowest prices and exchange rates to find out. The credit card company if it finds that the applicant is appropriate, he or she might be allowed to open an account.

The second thing is to be noted that all those who in April, when the variable from 0% Intro In April April means that the variables vary over time. The APR is variable tied to the prime rate. The prime rate is the highest prime rate published in the "Money Rates The Wall Street Journal two business days before the deadline in the state of each accounting period. April, is the variable on the prime rate to 8.25% on 07/05 / 2006. The APR is a variable rate plus the prime rate in April, subject to a minimum. To learn more about it at: com / Chase ...

sandman said...

Just do it activated, you just cut and do not use it.
For sure, that I call to verify. Please note that some cards have annual fees and you can be responsible for this fee when the account was opened.

pepinous... said...

No, you have to call them. Even if you do not activate. Chase also had a card. I never activated. Even on my credit report that indicates the original balance. Although the account in a good position, I can not use it once was. I do not think you'll find many other advantages for the BP card that does not see to find it. Do yourself a favor and pay the bill in full each month. To check the paper, do not bother to go sooner or later. Good luck to you.

Will D said...

Eco answer is correct!

You have a line of credit from Chase already. The credit card you will be sent a method for using this credit line. In order to terminate all together in order to be contacted by e-mail or telephone.

This means that Chase should be able to convert the card to BP card, without too much effort. Think this way - the map of the freedom you have now is enrolled in a program on their purchases on - is something to give. And by the BP card is usually no more than a change in the card program, which you have logged in, however, some programs more stringent requirements of the rating agency because the benefits of the program is of great value to the issuing bank and credit cards Restrictions have been selected with the issuer reward program.

It should not be too difficult though - they were always very careful of me!

Hope this helps!

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