Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Custom Car Mats Uk When Ordering Floor Mats Do They Come With 2 Mats Or 4?

When ordering floor mats do they come with 2 mats or 4? - custom car mats uk

I'm having trouble figuring out what comes around with mats for front and rear or in the car. He says:

Premium carpet floor mats, front and rear floor mats offer luxury 24 grams and fits inside and color coordinated. These mats have a rubber rubbing his back, to keep them securely in place and are custom contoured for a perfect fit. You also have your logo on the vehicle model.

Floor Mats, Premium Carpet Dark Slate Gray, Premium 24 oz carpet Chrysler Logo

That means for Premium disc, which he did not say how much, but when I click on the mats, sleet, who said recently in a series of 4 But then comes premieum average with 4 carpet mats? Why not say that the premium comes with 4 carpet?

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