Monday, January 25, 2010

Create A Dirt Bike How Can I Fix The Sole Of My Motocross Boots? (Alpinestars Tech-6)?

How can I fix the sole of my Motocross Boots? (Alpinestars Tech-6)? - create a dirt bike

The pins on my Dirt Bike creates a flap on the back of my unique, as the search for needles in them. Sometimes it is stuck and it sucks! Where can I loosen my boots, problems? Or, perhaps, where can I buy plants for them? When I buy plants and take them to a shoe repair, I put it? If not, how could I in my car?


DIRT GOD said...

Check your local dealer catalogs. They plant a substitute in the shoe department with the boots themselves. If you live on the East Coast check some of these dealers. (Motorsports) (Rocky Mountain ATV MX)

Miles B said...

This is not a dirty God sux Rocky Mountain take 2 weeks to a clutch cable, send it done in the

generally attributed boots u can u it would have to buy new

auburn said...

The return to the store bought, or contact Alpinestar or their representatives, as they tend to resole them for a minimal cost.
Otherwise, the only pump motocross track Google and there are other places you costs.

SWT said...

might be cheaper to buy new shoes, it would be found for the former.
If I'm not mistaken, not with the Alpinestars One Piece come ????? Interchangeable pin area My old Tech 8, yes. I replaced the door a dozen times ....

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