Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maclaren Carry Bag Another Baby Coming!?

Another baby coming!? - maclaren carry bag

I have a 4-year-old child. Since its birth, he hates the stroller. and have never bought a stroller for him, because we get 2 strollers and I do not know his work so well for him, so he gave them away to friends.

the other two twin children aged 2 years and bear a sports car, because our son is working for 4 years and quiter than 2 years and 2 years old boy was happy to stay in the pram.

On 2 born, received 1 pram, Quinny Zapp + 1 seat, 1 regular bulky stroller. We love the Zapp, Quinny, but one day he fell because he moved a lot and have a stroller 3 wheels, so my husband decided to buy better and give all our strollers.

We now have a Loola stroller is great, but the wheels are not as stable as a result of more (I suppose) I walked a lot! and bought a Maclaren Techno XT, and do not love my 2 years old son!

We have a double stroller for 4 years when my sleep, I need the girl of only 4 years are saved in a stroller, but TBought it too late to buy the double stroller, because it will soon go regularly to school.

Now I'm pregnant. Wanted to buy a double stroller. I know exactly what I want, but my account is that it is for newborn and my 2nd Children will be useful to you? and we still have 4 tickets for a walk in the house that you have so much room in the house.

I have many problems in 1 buggy for 2 children? Please share your experiences and your suggestion, I'll buy the double stroller and in tackling this problem? I know that my 2nd Child sitting in a stroller, at least for another 2 years?

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MaDaM said...

If the double stroller is compact, easy to use, easy to make light of a small street and the parents are so busy a kind, Walker, I think it wouldnt be so bad, a double stroller at the end. In the stroller, you can sell it super cheap, they give orphaned or friends, etc.

View 3 Baby with 2 children is not easy, nor difficult.

Good luck with your 3!

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