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Show Pictures Herpes Tell Me About Herpes, A Skin Desease Thru Air. Is It Harmless? Can You Show Me Pictures Of It?

Tell me about herpes, a skin desease thru air. Is it harmless? Can you show me pictures of it? - show pictures herpes

Herpes is a disease of the skin, you can not pass through air.
Shingles is caused by a virus, either herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex type 2 (HSV2). (These viruses belong to a family caused by Epstein-Barr virus - which causes mono - and varicella-zoster virus - the chicken pox and shingles.) Currently estimates that 50 to 80% of adults in North America, HSV 1 and 20% had HSV2.

In case of contact, some people have no symptoms for months or years, but in general, symptoms 10 days after 2 weeks of exposure. An infected person is likely to find a tender, slightly swollen, affecting pain in the area that is hot, too, itching, tingling and throbbing. This will prodronal as a stage. Then, a wound in an irregular situation seems to be very painful, red and ugly. The bottom surface of the damage and leave a wet muddy pain. The liquid that is loaded with HSV ulcer. And it's contagious. The wound is present for a week 12 days, and gradually more heal without scarring.

The virus was removed on a nerveD is stored in the spinal cord, where they can be reactivated at any time. Some people learn, which trigger a new outbreak - (the sun, certain foods (tomatoes, chocolate, pineapple), stress or fever, which is why some people call "fever blisters.") The first outbreak is more serious in the rule. It can cause headaches, nausea and malaise. After the outbreak to reduce severity and frequency of the rule.

Some people have a few houses a year, but some women have a house with the beginning of each period, which lasts up to two weeks, they spend their lives with wounds.

Other people are infected, are carriers of the virus and never have a home, but can be paid to transmit the virus (see below).

Herpes 1 is usually spread cold sores in the mouth with kisses.

Herpes 2 is usually on the genitals of men or women. This report will be transmitted by naked genital contact with an infected partner. But that's the problem .... If you have a sore in the mouth and "bottom" of thePartners to the virus infecting their lips. And if a partner has genital herpes and "set", they can catch herpes 2 in the mouth.

They are not from herpes toilet seats or doorknobs, towels or baths.

The diagnosis is made by cytology and culture, from your doctor or sexual health clinic if you have an active disease. There is also a blood test is quite accurate.

There is no cure, you might have life, but there is no cure for herpes, an oral drug that is taken when you realize prodronal symptoms. This can reduce, and the outbreak. In severe cases, medications are taken daily to prevent an epidemic. This is very expensive and may not be covered by your drug plan.
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Herpes is a really nasty to say. display transmitted by physical contact and usually as open wounds that can lead to infections. written into the secure database, and Yahoo Messenger photo you can see pictures. and there is no cure, like all herpes infections, which lives in the nerve fibers and in retirement, and then reactivate the rash.

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