Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off White The Comic Maybe Off Topic, But Posting This Here Out Of Curiosity?

Maybe off topic, but posting this here out of curiosity? - off white the comic

Why is good to laugh at ethnic jokes?
If this done by someone of the same ethnic group, but not from a different ethnic origin.

Case, the program Last Comic Standing, a white man became a routine in which he played a Japanese fighter pilot. He was released by judges as "PC. Was in the same episode, a Korean girl routine, almost all ethnic groups from Asia and Mexico, who said, basically, have the same opinion that good when they joke of his own people do. I think we are racist if we laugh at the jokes of The White Guy, but if we do not laugh, Koreans, despite all the jokes were based on ethnicity. What do you think?

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Mayflowe... said...

I hate PCs ... Is it correct to say?
I think there must be a criminal, that equality of opportunity.
Say what you want and say what he said. And if it is a joke ... Guess what ... is only a joke. I'm tired of saying Politiani / actors, something that could be insulting someone apologize, somewhere on this planet.


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